KCG Content LLC

KCG Content provides premium writing services for clients in several industries – focusing on both digital media and print copy.  At KCG Content, our goal is to develop professional writing that showcases our clients’ businesses attractively and effectively. By focusing on the solid foundations of research and education, KCG Content helps clients overcome many of the challenges with marketing as experienced by small business owners. To this end, we help our clients with – as well as educate them on – important writing processes like search engine optimization (SEO).

KCG Content is owned operated by Kent Gruetzmacher MFA – a professional writer, scholar, and entrepreneur.                          

KCG Content Mission, Philosophy & Writing

It’s often said that experience is the best teacher. Regardless if you are referring to a career, hobby, or passion, nothing informs a writer’s understanding of the world as much as direct experiences. In like fashion, the best writers are often those willing to pour themselves into projects to learn all they can about key topics. In either case, it’s evident that writers who aren’t afraid to reach out and touch the world around them produce the  best work. For KCG Content, this notion applies to both direct experience and applied research.

KCG Content is built on the foundations of hard work, research, and expert writing. As such, we begin each project with careful research on your business. Next, with a detailed understanding of your brand and its place in the market, we move forward with writing. For KCG Content, writing is a careful process where we balance informative copy with attractive prose. Finally, we speak with authority and confidence in our writing because we carefully research our topics.

KCG Content’s dedication to hard work, research, and expert copywriting offers a breath of fresh air in today’s society. In a world where nearly all information is readily available through the internet, research-driven, scholarly work is becoming a lost art. As a result, KCG Content’s commitment to research immediately sets us apart from many of our peers. In the end, our dedication to excellence is reflected in our extensive client base that values our writing craft as well as our work ethic.


Technical Writing

At KCG Content, we take great pride in delivering technical content in a fashion that accurately conveys critical information to the “average reader.” With an extensive background in technical writing for horticulture publications and businesses, we are well-adept at finding the perfect balance between form and function.

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Marketing and Branding

KCG Content will help you on your way in establishing a brand that will have maximum impact on the market. KCG Content takes your brand message and integrates it within each important advertising vertical, including digital and print.

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Website Copy and SEO

At KCG Content, we provide full-service offerings for blogging and web copy clients. As such, when we are hired to develop content for your website, we go far beyond simply writing. We also add relevant photos and make formatting tweaks for the most attractive web page possible for SEO.

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Business Operations

With years of experience in both small business ownership and business writing, KCG Content is well-suited to take on the tedious tasks of content writing for internal business operations. Implementing materials like Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Employee Training Manuals will lead to uniformity in operations.

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Editorial and Ghost Writing

In utilizing KCG Content for your editorial needs, you will have the unique experience of taking part in the writing process. For small business owners and project managers, this option affords a great opportunity to lend insight into valuable marketing and branding projects.

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KCG Content Writing Specialties

At KCG Content, we have experience developing professional writing across a variety of industries. To this end, while we thoroughly enjoy being experts in fields such as cannabis, outdoors, and controlled environment agriculture, we are always interested in learning about new industries and business models. To this end, we are by no means limited by our specialties – we are excited to discuss potential writing work for any industry. 

Listed below are some key areas where KCG Content has particularly standout writing work: 


Our cannabis industry writing prowess comes from the real-world experiences of our Founder Kent Gruetzmacher. Over the past decade, he has written for some of the most influential businesses in the cannabis industry, including became part of the Editorial Advisory Board at Maximum Yield Cannabis Magazine. Additionally, his writing is recognized by such cannabis icons as Rick Simpson and Steve DeAngelo.

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

KCG Content is one of the few professional copywriting companies with formal experience in the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) space. To this end, we have done branding projects, technical writing, and blogging for horticultural equipment companies. In the same vein, Kent Gruetzmacher has published countless articles on modern gardening and hydroponic technology with Maximum Yield Magazine


At KCG Content, we feel that work and play don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Similarly, we enjoy sharing our unique and critical perspectives on the activities that we love. Therefore, we are very passionate about working in the outdoor space and currently developing business with leading blogs and equipment manufacturers in the industry. 


First and foremost, KCG Content is dedicated to scholarly work and critical thinking in every one of our copywriting projects. Our Founder Kent Gruetzmacher has a deep passion for philosophy and the Humanities – we take great pride in exploring these connections in our writing work. Moreover, we are happy to help coach individuals on scholarly writing projects or work in an editorial capacity. 

Small Business Consultancy

While our primary focus is on copywriting, we have the capacity to consult small business owners on digital marketing and business development. To this end, we have extensive experience working with technology such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and conducting marketing with mass email platforms like Mail Chimp and Sendgrid.

If you are interested in learning more about KCG Content, or would like to discuss our copywriting services, please reach out to info@kcgcontent.com.

Kent is punctual, extremely organized and well versed in a variety of business skill-sets both in and out of the cannabis industry. He treats his clients and his work with great focus and care, and is very educated in cannabis & hemp business and grow best practices. Every project we have completed together has exceeded my expectations and resulted in great returns!

I have worked with Kent on a few writing and copywriting projects and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is diligent in his research, prompt with delivery and always produces top quality work. I would recommend Kent to anyone in need of content writing services.

We worked with Kent on revamping our website for both content and SEO. He was prompt in putting together a reasonable quote and immediately got to work on learning about our company. Moreover, Kent took the time to work with our website designer/host to learn their platform. In the end, Kent delivered excellent website content and drove the project to its timely completion.

Wick & Mortar first hired Kent to work on a large copywriting project for a major cannabis industry client. He stepped up and met a number of short deadlines, as well as kept the project on track. Moving forward, we have utilized Kent’s writing skills for branding content with some of our leading cannabis and hemp clients. Kent is punctual, prompt, and continually shows a drive to perform outside research to ensure the best results for our clients.

We have been working with Kent since 2016 and have published several of his works on a wide variety of subjects relating to indoor gardening, medical marijuana, and business for our three flagship magazines. Kent has proven himself to be knowledgeable about his subjects, organized, professional in his worth ethic, and enjoyable to work with. His work has been a welcome addition to our publications.

We hired Kent to develop technical blogs for our horticultural lighting products. He brought a breadth of cannabis cultivation knowledge to the project. Also, Kent did a very thorough job studying the technical attributes of our LED grow lights and disinfectant lights. We are impressed by his knowledgebase as well as his research skills.