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colorado-based writing and marketing agency KCG Content is a Colorado-based writing and marketing agency that works with small business clients. Our offerings span across diverse media and focus on a number of industries. However, our goal is always to deliver attractive content that showcases our client’s businesses effectively and accurately. Whether you need us to manage your email marketing campaigns, or oversee your company blog, KCG Content is here to help.

By focusing on the solid foundations of research, communication, and planning, KCG Content helps overcome many of the challenges of marketing seen in the modern business world. To this end, we take great pride in helping our clients have a voice in the digital realm, while also teaching them the importance of complex ideas such as Search Engine Optimation (SEO).

KCG Content is owned operated by Kent Gruetzmacher – a professional writer, entrepreneur, and digital marketing consultant.

KCG Content Business Philosophy

At KCG Content, we understand how intimidating the digital marketing landscape can be for small business owners. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have toiled to learn daunting concepts like “keyword optimization” and “marketing analytics.” With the challenges of small business ownership at the forefront of our minds, KCG Content has established itself as a solution-based writing and marketing agency.

colorado-based writing and marketing agency KCG Content marries the practical skills of professional writing and research with the latest trends in digital marketing. By providing effective writing and marketing services, we allow you to clearly focus on running your company. This notion is even more exemplified with such challenging work as technical writing.

Over the years, we have dealt with marketing agencies who charge hefty fees for such abstract notions as “SEO management.” Unfortunately, these fees are rarely paid towards any real actions for improving SEO. To this end, KCG Content has built our brand around clearly defined campaign goals with actionable milestones. For projects such as SEO, you can trust that we will take decisive actions to provide clear results.

From experience, KCG Content understands the difficulties with finding reliable third-party help for digital marketing. Along this line of thought, many small businesses are forced to work with overseas contractors for things like website design and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Unfortunately, overseas contractors often lack knowledge of critical market concepts such as keywords. As a Colorado-based writing and marketing agency, KCG Content is here to alleviate these issues by providing marketing services at competitive prices.

If you would like to learn more about our writing and marketing services, please reach out to kent@kcgcontent.com

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