Professional Editorial Work and Ghostwriting Services

Each KCG Content client has unique project needs relating to editorial work and ghostwriting. These requirements vary with factors such as marketing capabilities as well as overall business goals. Whether you need an editor to fine-tune established content, or a ghostwriter to work with your CEO, we have you covered.

editorial work and ghostwriting At KCG Content, we are happy to discuss any editorial needs you may have for your business or writing project. To illustrate, we have worked with clients in revising important marketing documents like Capabilities Decks. Also, we have revised entire websites to streamline the copywriting according to brand guidelines. Finally, KCG Content has worked extensively to optimize SEO on established websites. Please let us know how we can help with your editorial projects.

In networking with several clients over the years, we have come across unique content needs related to ghostwriting. To illustrate, we have worked with several Business Owners and CEOs in developing magazine content for leading publications. These articles showcase high-powered executives as thought-leaders in their given fields. In such situations, these high-demand professionals simply don’t have the time to write well-developed content. All things considered, we would love to discuss any ghostwriting needs you may have. 

KCG Content Ghostwriting & Editorial Offerings Include:

  • Web Copy Revisions 
  • SEO Optimization (Yoast)
  • Blog Revisions
  • Line Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Branding Work
  • Ghost-Writing Blogs
  • Ghost-Writing Magazine Content

In utilizing KCG Content for your editorial needs, you will have the unique experience of taking part in the writing process. For small business owners and project managers, this option affords a great opportunity to lend insight into valuable marketing and branding projects.

Examples of KCG Content Editorial Work:

 If you would like to learn more about editorial work and ghostwriting with KCG Content, please contact  

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