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Editorial and Ghostwriting

Editorial and Ghostwriting

“Many traditional publishing houses have admitted that 70% of the books they publish were written by a ghostwriter.” –Medium

Whether you need an editor to fine-tune content or a ghostwriter to work with your executive team, KCG Content will get the job done.

KCG Content has done extensive ghostwriting for both small businesses and individuals. When partnering with businesses, we work behind the scenes on web copy, blogs, and newsletters to create top-shelf marketing content. KCG Content has also ghostwritten magazine articles for executives looking to establish themselves as thought-leaders in their fields. 

KCG Content offers editorial services for both print and digital media. We’ve done extensive proofreading and line editing on magazine articles, marketing documents, and more. For digital media, we’ve edited entire websites to match new brand guidelines. KCG Content also regularly conducts SEO audits and optimization work. 

If you would like to view examples of our editorial and ghostwriting work, please Contact Us.

KCG Content’s Editorial and Ghostwriting capabilities include:

  • Website revisions 
  • SEO optimization
  • Line editing
  • Proofreading
  • Ghostwriting blogs
  • Ghostwriting magazine articles

Whether you need to revise an entire website or simply need help putting together a magazine article, we are here to discuss editorial and ghostwriting work. Feel free to Contact Us.


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