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Most business owners and managers are experts on their given products and services. Yet, many of these individuals cannot explain the technical nuances of their offerings in a way that makes sense to the average customer. This notion is even more explicit when it comes to highly technical writing such as Service Specifications and Product Instructions. Because it is vital to deliver a clear message with such writing, it’s advisable to outsource these writing needs to professionals such as KCG Content.

technical writing At KCG Content, we take great pride in delivering technical content in a fashion that accurately conveys critical information to the average reader. With a background in technical writing for horticulture publications and businesses, we are well-adept at finding the perfect balance between form and function. As such, whether you need a White Paper to explain the benefits of a technical product, or could use assistance in developing Product Instructions, we are here to help.

The team at KCG Content is suited for a variety of technical writing jobs and we are happy to work with your team in developing this copy. Importantly, we are comfortable collaborating with internal teams in sales, marketing, operations, and R&D capacities. 

KCG Content Technical Work Includes: 

  • White Papers
  • Scientific Studies
  • Catalogs
  • Product Descriptions
  • Product Instructions
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Service Specifications

If you are just launching a new business, or perhaps refining your current offerings, backing your offerings with technical copy is a great idea. By explaining the technical nuances of goods and services, you also help insulate your company from potential liability issues related to misuse.

Examples of KCG Content Technical Writing:

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