Get Brand Recognition with Small Business Email Marketing

In today’s business world, any well-rounded digital marketing plan includes email marketing campaigns. Whether your company operates in a B2B or B2C capacity, email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your customer base. Importantly, email marketing campaigns get your business information directly in front of both established clients and new prospects. This simple act builds brand awareness and keeps people up-to-speed with your organization. small business email marketing

At KCG Content, we have extensive experience running email marketing campaigns with such popular platforms as MailChimp and SendGrid. Even more, we have the ability to integrate automated emails with signup forms located directly on your WordPress website. Once integrated, KCG Content can send emails as frequently as you wish. However, strongly advise that email campaigns are both tasteful and respectful. Finally, as we move forward with your small business email marketing campaigns, we will keep your contact list organized and updated. 

As a content-focused marketing firm, KCG Content takes great pride in creating well-written and attractive marketing emails. As such, whether you need monthly newsletters written and delivered to your clients, or would like to promote a new product, we have you covered. At KCG Content, we know that each company is unique and that your target customers will only respond to a certain approach. That being said, we will fine-tune our email marketing services to meet your needs. 

KCG Content Email Marketing Services Include:

  • Email Campaign Management 
  • MailChimp Accounts 
  • SendGrid Accounts 
  • Contact List Management
  • Landing Pages / Data Captures 
  • WordPress Website Integrations 
  • Newsletters, Offers, Specials 

Whether you are revising your current marketing offerings, or you are starting a new business, email marketing offers a great way to build brand awareness. By keeping your company’s name relevant in people’s inboxes, they will begin to recognize your operation. 

KCG Content is excited to discuss email marketing with you. Please contact to set up an introductory call. 


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