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People often say that experience is the best teacher. Along this line of thought, nowhere is this notion more evident than in the world of entrepreneurship. To this end, things rarely go as expected when you embark on the mission of starting a new business. For those of us who have started a successful company, it’s always interesting to look back at the original plan and see how differently things worked out in the business world. Importantly, when launching a new company and enacting a business plan, there are countless challenges that must be overcome along the way. For the savvy business owner, these challenges present endless opportunities for personal growth and financial success. At KCG Content, it’s precisely these hard-won lessons that we put behind our small business consulting services.

KCG Content is pleased to share our “real-world” experiences in entrepreneurship with our clients. While our primary focus in on writing, we are well-suited for small business consulting services for those needing guidance on web-based operations, marketing, and business development.

Interestingly, companies that operate in drastically different fields still have a good deal in common concerning digital business applications. As such, web-based activities like prospect emails, digital marketing, client newsletters, and search engine optimization (SEO) are completed in the same fashion, regardless of industry. For example, while KCG Content is more knowledgeable about the outdoor industry than the solar panel business, the methods we use for digital marketing and sales are the same in both.

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KCG Content’s Web-Based Consulting Experience 

Because our Founder Kent Gruetzmacher has built successful web-based businesses, he has a quiver of experiences to share with other small business owners. Of particular noteworthiness is Kent’s experience with business development and digital marketing by way of customer relationship management (CRM) software and prospect email campaigns.

KCG Content offers small business consulting services on operational necessities like standard operating procedures (SOPs), employee training manuals, and more. Finally, Kent’s hands-on experience with the cannabis industry also makes him an invaluable resource for business looking to enter this new field – especially in the “Business to Business” (B2B) vertical.

While many small business owners are experts in their given fields, many of them know very little about topics like digital marketing, web presence, and CRM software. As such, learning about these web-based tools and establishing them within one’s business can be a very daunting task. Even more, most small businesses simply don’t have a need for full-time sales and marketing help. Therefore, outsourcing a small business consulting company like KCG Content can prove valuable in both financial and logistical capacities.

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