Scholarly Writing, Coaching & Editorial Services 

The writing profession is both broad and vast. Nonetheless, many professional writers can trace their abilities back to colleges and universities where they originally learned to hone their craft. Similarly, at KCG Content we acknowledge the profound effect that practiced reading and research has on our writing. 

Looking to college studies, many undergraduate and graduate students simply don’t take to writing like those who are studying literature, creative writing, or the humanities. In like fashion, many college professors do not have the time to research and edit their own scholarly works – this largely due to the demands of their teaching schedules. In any of the aforementioned situations, a professional writer can prove very helpful in developing a piece of writing. To this end, we can help with any phase of scholarly writing projects, including researching, structuring, drafting, finalizing, and editing. Finally, companies like KCG Content can prove invaluable as writing coaches/tutors for college students needing some extra help. scholarly writing

KCG Content’s Experience with Scholarly Work

KCG Content is an excellent fit for scholarly writing jobs because our company is founded on the cornerstones of research and critical thinking. Our emphasis on scholarly approaches to writing is largely attributable to Kent Gruetzmacher’s college work. Kent’s college education began at Ft. Lewis College in Durango, CO – where he graduated in 2006 with a BA Degree in the Humanities. His achievements at FLC earned him the distinction of Summa Cum Laude honors and the Dean’s List. Moving on to 2016, Kent acquired his MA Degree in the Humanities from California State University Sacramento, where he graduated with High Honors and earned his credentials to teach community college. Throughout his entire college career, Kent has been continuously commended by professors for his work ethic. 

Beyond the solid foundations of research and critical thinking, Kent’s studies in the Humanities also pushed him to develop his writing skills. His college writing career culminated with a Senior Thesis at CSUS, where Kent delivered a 100-page essay exploring philosophical archetypes at play in contemporary society. Not only does Kent’s work at CSUS enable him to write and edit book-length pieces, but it also qualifies him to be a writing coach. 

After leaving college, Kent extended his unique writing abilities to the business world. As such, KCG Content employs research and critical thinking in each of our writing jobs. While many professional writers are afraid to “think outside the box” in their given industry, we pride ourselves on originality and creativity. Therefore, KCG Content has the tools to professionalize your writing needs in a way that attracts peoples’ attention. 

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