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The realm of outdoors writing is rich and expansive. Since time immemorial, people have spent time in the outdoors for personal reflection and quietude. For some people, such immersion in wild places becomes a way of life. For writers, such life-defining experiences can both enrich and direct their works.

In the modern world, outdoors writing has taken on new shapes and forms with the advent of novel technologies. Today, outdoor adventures can seamlessly share their experiences through blogs, vlogs, and social media channels. This unprecedented connectivity outdoors writing allows people to share their experiences in real-time. In like fashion, industry-leading outdoor companies such as Gaia GPS offer sophisticated blogs that give readers in-depth guidance on topics like wilderness navigation.

Due to the accessibility of content on the web, outdoors writing has greatly influenced new generations of explorers. Popular outdoor websites and blogs give readers detailed accounts of adventures like mountaineering, thru-hiking, backcountry skiing, and trail running. In doing so, these sources give people the confidence to pursue new and more challenging outdoor pursuits.

At KCG Content, we are proud to take part in the outdoors writing space. Importantly, we feel that work and play don’t have to be mutually exclusive. KCG Content is passionate about outdoor adventure and we try to keep the wilderness close at all times. This passion is evident in our growing client base of outdoor industry companies. 

KCG Content & Outdoors Writing

KCG Content Founder Kent Gruetzmacher is an accomplished outdoorsman who has a notable resume in backpacking, hiking, and skiing. Over the years, Kent has hiked the entire length of the 485 mile Colorado Trail. He is also in the process of climbing all of Colorado’s fifty-four 14,000 ft peaks (or “Fourteeners”). In the shoulder seasons of spring and fall, Kent often heads to the eastern United States to “section hike” the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail, which runs the height of the U.S. from Georgia to Maine. He is also in the process of planning several long-distance desert hikes, including the Arizona Trail and the Hayduke Trail

During the winter months, you can find Kent skiing and snowshoeing in Colorado. He is an avid backcountry skier, who enjoys exploring the Rocky Mountains in the wintertime.

KCG Content is experienced with outdoors writing in magazines, blogs, and websites. Our breadth of experience includes travel-focused articles on specific hikes or adventures. Also, we write SEO-specific web copy for clients in the outdoor space. Finally, we publish a popular blog on outdoor pursuits – focusing mainly on the experiences of Kent Gruetzmacher.

Examples of KCG Content Outdoors Writing:

If you would like to discuss KCG Content outdoors writing in more detail, please reach out to kent@kcgcontent.com


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