Outdoor Writing 

The realm of outdoor writing and literature is both rich and expansive. To this end, most contemporary outdoor writers follow a heritage of iconoclastic thinkers such as Gary Snyder, John Muir, Edward Abbey, Aldo Leopold, and Henry David Thoreau – to name a few. Today, outdoor writing has been adopted by adventurers, athletes, and explorers who document their experiences so they can be shared with others. Similarly, the digital-era has influenced the way we write about the outdoors and how we disseminate info about our experiences. As such, while today’s outdoor culture largely maintains a strong tradition of environmental ethics set forth by our predecessors, many writers today focus on blogging, web copy, and social media to share their ideas. Resultantly, outdoor writing is more “hyper-focused” on the fine details of particular outdoor pursuits, such as thru-hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, trail running, backcountry skiing, and many more. 

At KCG Content, we are honored to join a proud tradition of outdoor writing – we take our inspiration from both traditional conservationists and contemporary adventurers. Importantly, we feel that work and play don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Therefore, our company is infused with a passion for outdoor adventure and education – we try to keep the wilderness close at all times. Finally, KCG Content prides itself on delivering unique content for clients in the outdoor space by providing a “slightly different view” on popular topics of the industry. 

KCG Content & Outdoor Writing

KCG Content Founder Kent Gruetzmacher is an accomplished outdoorsman who has a notable resume in backpacking, hiking, and skiing. Over the years, Kent has hiked the entire length of the 485 mile Colorado Trail. He is also in the process of climbing all of Colorado’s fifty-four 14,000 ft peaks (or “Fourteeners”). In the shoulder seasons of spring and fall, Kent heads to the eastern United States to “section hike” the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail, which runs the height of the United States from Georgia to Maine. His goal is to finish section hiking the entire trail by his 40th birthday in 2022. 

Kent particularly interested in exploring the logistical side of long-distance and remote hikes and figuring out ways to make these trips less painful. With years of experience in dealing with terrain, gear, weather, and supplies, he has valuable insights about effective planning. Interestingly, Kent is also working on criteria for people who are interested in pursuing long-distance hikes while remaining employed. Taken from his own personal experience, Kent believes it’s possible to make a good living while working remotely and “staying on trail.” Finally, he brings a breadth of philosophical and psychological insights to the world of backpacking. To illustrate, Kent is currently exploring topics related to “a sense of place” in backcountry travel as well as psychology in backpacking. 

If you would like to discuss KCG Content outdoor writing offerings in more detail, or request examples of our work, please reach out at info@kcgcontent.com