Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture Writing 

Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is an innovative practice where crops are grown indoors and within greenhouses. Examples of CEA operations are vertical farms, greenhouse gardens, hydroponic agriculture, and most forms of urban farming. Interestingly, CEA cultivation fuses modern technology with traditional agriculture to grow fresh foods in unconventional locations, including cities. These garden operations employ cutting-edge technology including cultivation software, environmental controllers, climate sensors, CO2 injectors, and horticultural lighting. 

In utilizing advanced technology in their farm operations, cultivators are able to carefully monitor and control garden environments. By understanding cultivation diagnostics in real-time, CEA growers can greatly reduce the inputs needed to grow crops, including both water and fertilizer. Even more, by growing crops in greenhouses and indoors, these operations produce food crops in urban areas throughout the year, regardless of climate. 

Moreover, by growing crops in greenhouses and indoors, they can produce crops in urban areas throughout the year, regardless of climate. Needless to say, these practices make CEA growing increasingly valuable in feeding the global population.  To this end, KCG Content is pleased to take part in this new industry by providing top-notch controlled environment agriculture writing.

KCG Content’s Expertise in CEA Writing 

KCG Content is pleased and honored to work in an industry that is helping curb the global food crisis. Similarly, we are excited to see that CEA is also lessening our dependence on foriegn-grown produce. On the business side of things, KCG Content is one of the few companies with formal writing experience in the controlled environment agriculture (CEA) space. To this end, our Founder Kent Gruetzmacher is one of the leading writers on topics related to modern gardening, hydroponics production, and cultivation technology. In his career, Kent has worked extensively with the CEA publication Maximum Yield Magazine and done technical writing work for horticultural equipment companies. His CEA writing experience includes articles, blogs, web copy, white papers, and more. 

During his time at Mac & Fulton Talent Partners, Kent also worked extensively doing recruiting with leading hydroponic equipment companies. In this time, he developed personal relationships with leaders in cultivation technology – learning in-depth both their pain points and business needs. This unparalleled experience makes KCG Content uniquely knowledgeable about B2B business dealings in the horticulture, hydroponics, and cannabis industries. For example, we understand how to explain the value of cultivation technology to commercial producers in cannabis and food crops. These insights translate into industry-leading copywriting for our CEA clients. 

At KCG Content, we feel that CEA production is vital in curbing the global food crisis while also limiting the environmental degradation that comes with traditional farming. As a result, KCG Content is passionate about helping our CEA clients achieve maximum exposure through our copywriting and marketing efforts. 

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