Cannabis Resume Writing

Professional Cannabis Resume Writing Services

KCG Content is excited to offer cannabis resume writing services for our clients. Because our Founder Kent Gruetzmacher has extensive experience with recruiting in the cannabis industry, we are well-positioned to offer this cannabis resume writing platform. Kent achieved this experience in founding Mac & Fulton Talent Partners – one of the leading cannabis recruiting services in the industry. During his time with M&F Talent, he conceived the industry’s original Cannabis Career Guidance and Resume Writing Service.

Since 2016, Kent has worked with thousands of people in finding careers in the cannabis industry. Similarly, he has written hundreds of resumes for clients in this space, who continually look to him for guidance in this field. Even more, Kent created the original criteria for marijuana grower resumes that are used throughout the industry today. For example, he wrote an article in 2017 for Hydrolife Magazine titled “Translating Your Personal Cannabis Growing into Resume Format,” where he solved the difficult questions facing many marijuana growers today: how can I explain my home-based cultivation experience in a way that is attractive to employers?

Cannabis Career Advicecannabis resume writing

The cannabis industry presents one of the most exciting, yet challenging, career paths in the modern business world. To this end, as the market continues to both change and evolve, it can prove quite intimidating “from the outside looking in.” Therefore, many job searchers with interest in the cannabis space simply don’t even know where to start when it comes to job research as well as the application processes.

KCG Content can help alleviate many of the challenges faced when looking for a job in the cannabis industry. Depending on what your interests in employment may be, we can provide sound career advice as part of our cannabis resume writing platform.

Cannabis Resume Writingcannabis resume writing

Many qualified job searchers simply don’t have the time or resources to sit down and write a new resume. Even more, many of those looking for a career in cannabis aren’t sure how their previous work history applies to this new industry. Each of these factors contributes to the practicality of hiring a professional resume writing service like KCG Content.

If you are serious about finding a new job in the cannabis space, or perhaps advancing your career current trajection, we are here to help. For example, we are well-versed at “competency-based” resumes that are used to highlight inter-disciplinary skill-sets. With this method, we can market your previously established skill-sets in a way that makes sense to cannabis industry employers.

Additional Job Search Tools

KCG Content is excited to provide additional tools for job searchers in the cannabis that extend beyond resume writing. These include:

  • LinkedIn Profilescannabis resume writing
  • Cover Letters
  • Email Templates
  • Career Advice
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support

Please let us know how we can help streamline your career path in the cannabis industry. KCG Content will help polish your professional profile to compete in the top-tiers of the market.


If you would like to learn more about KCG Content’s cannabis resume writing program, please go to our Contact page.