Professional Cannabis Content 

The cannabis space presents one of the most unique and challenging industries in the modern business world. On one hand, as the cannabis business is brand new, it presents almost endless possibilities with innovation and profitability. At the same time, the industry is largely undefined and entirely comprised of startup businesses. Even more, the cannabis business experiences extreme volatility due to reckless business practices, uneducated investors, and rapidly changing government regulations. These situations combined make it very difficult to understand, as well as predict, successful business dealings in this unique industry. Along this line of thought, business owners struggle to develop cannabis content that accurately describes their business and goals in a succinct and informative fashion. 


cannabis contentAt KCG Content, we pride ourselves on a brass-tacks, real-world understanding of the cannabis business. This notion includes both pitfalls and opportunities. To this end, we set ourselves apart from other cannabis writers through knowledge, insight, and sophistication. Our confidence comes from years of experience working in the cannabis industry. 

KCG Content & Cannabis Industry Writing 

KCG Content Founder Kent Gruetzmacher has a plethora of knowledge about the cannabis business – we put this hardwon experience to work for our clients. Since 2015, Kent has produced hundreds of articles for magazines, websites, and blogs within the cannabis space. To this end, our magazine and digital media clients include Maximum Yield Magazine, Sensi Magazine, Grower’s Network, and Ganjapreneur. Also, Kent has worked extensively with the creative teams at industry-leading marketing companies. While working with agencies like Wick & Mortar, Kent has helped develop some of the industry’s most notable brands, while also creating web copy and technical writing. 

Our experience with entrepreneurship immediately sets us apart from other writers in the cannabis space. Starting in 2009, Kent has worked in cannabis in many capacities, quickly advancing in more professional and demanding roles along the way. This rare experience informs our writing with insights into small business ownership, while also understanding “the language of the industry.” 

Beyond his writing craft, Kent’s industry experience culminated with founding Mac & Fulton Talent Partners, a highly successful recruiting service in cannabis and hydroponics. In building M&F Talent, Kent spoke with countless business owners, managers, and professionals. Importantly, many of the relationships were solution-based and dealt with hiring challenges and logistical hurdles in this unique environment. Similarly, in developing M&F Talent, Kent also learned the ins-and-outs of business development and digital marketing in the cannabis industry. Needless to say, KCG Content’s cannabis clients value our “insider’s perspective” on this promising new business. 

Small business owners also look to KCG Content for consultancy services in the cannabis industry. Our cannabis consulting platform focuses on branding work, market penetration, business development, and digital workspaces. 

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