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The cannabis business represents one of the most exciting, yet most misunderstood, industries today. To this end, the industry as we know it is the result of a confluence of ideas that are sourced from a rapidly changing legal landscape. As such, cannabis professionals today inherit many of the ideas that were originally developed while was cannabis was still illegal. Of these inter-generational ideologies, the notion of the “green rush” has been quite influential in the modern cannabis industry. We put together the Green Rush Series to help debunk the “get rich quick” mentality that pervades the cannabis space. green rush series

The term “green rush” has been used to describe a mass migration of people into the cannabis industry. Whether they are investors, professionals, or business owners, these individuals flock to the cannabis space in hopes of making good money. While this interest in the cannabis business is harmless, things get more convoluted when people assume they will “get rich quick” in cannabis. To this end, in a fashion akin to the California gold rush in the 19th century, the people of the green rush flock to cannabis in hopes of making easy money, while glossing over many of the real challenges that await them in the industry. These fantasy-based ideations of the cannabis business propagated what I have termed the “green rush myth.”

The Green Rush Series on the KCG Content blog is a critical assessment of green rush ideology in the modern cannabis space – including pitfalls, anecdotes, and lessons. In accomplishing this goal, we will look at the green rush myth through the lens of different market segments in cannabis, from the black market to the modern recreational industry.

The Green Rush Series:

  • Part 2: What is the Green Rush?
  • Part 3: Advance of the Cannabis Business
  • Part 4: Black Market Cannabis
  • Part 5: The Black Market in a Changing Industry
  • Part 6: Medical Marijuana Industry Analysis
  • Part 7: MMJ Market Analysis: Ohio Cannabis
  • Part 8: Grey Market Cannabis
  • Part 9: Consequences of the Grey Market
  • Part 10: Recreational Cannabis Study
  • Part 11: Adult-Use Market Case Studies
  • Part 12: Business Evolutions in Recreational Cannabis
  • Part 13: Conclusion of the Green Rush Series

green rush series

By employing a brass-tacks, logical assessment of the green rush, this series will help demystify a new business that has largely confused – and sometimes misled – professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors. Therefore, whether you are curious about the industry as a potential career path, or you are thinking about investing in a startup business, the Green Rush Series will prove an invaluable tool for understanding this ever-changing landscape. In seeing how such things as government policy and market restrictions influence opportunity, you can make more informed decisions on your established or potential cannabis career.

Next Month on the KCG Content Cannabis Blog

In next month’s addition to the Green Rush Series, we will look more specifically at the concept of the green rush. In doing so, we will set the stage for understanding how the green rush myth pervades every vertical in the modern cannabis space.

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