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Grey Market Cannabis (Part 5 of Series)

How the Grey Market Cannabis Industry Operates The grey-market in cannabis represents a convoluted mash-up of legal and illegal activity, where progressions in legalization efforts are destabilized by individuals manipulating a changing system for profit. To this end, grey-market dealings denote a combination of both medical and black-market systems in varying locales. Grey-markets are born […]

Medical Marijuana Industry Analysis (Part 4 of Series)

Comparative Industries:  The Medical Marijuana Market The medical marijuana industry has given rise to all our ideas and conceptions of “legal cannabis” in the United States and beyond. This is a notion often forgotten in today’s industry, where stock figures and profit margins garner far more media attention than those sick people who originally fought […]

Black Market Cannabis (Part 3 of Series)

Market Evolutions: From Black Market Cannabis to Legal Business As most are aware, the cannabis industry finds its roots in the black market, with illegal activity comprising the entirety of marijuana business history. Through legalization efforts, the cannabis industry is evolving from illegal production and trade into a legitimate industry. Yet, a vast majority of […]

Advance of the Cannabis Business (Part 2 of Series)

Exponential Growth in the Cannabis Business  As the cannabis business continues its rapid evolutions from illegal trade to a legitimate profession, opportunities arise under the pressures of swift market expansion. The sheer size of this new, regulated marketplace is astounding and speaks directly to how large the black-market cannabis trade has been. As legalization advances […]

What is the Green Rush? (Part 1 of Series)

Exploring the Green Rush Part 1: Introduction Cannabis represents the most sensationalized, as well as the most misunderstood, industry in the modern business landscape. For those that do not know, “green rush” is a hyperbolic term used to describe the cannabis industry as a sort of “promised land” where endless opportunity looms around each corner. […]