About Kent Gruetzmacher MFA

At KCG Content, we feel that the sum of one’s life experiences should be utilized in the projection of a successful career path. For our founder Kent Gruetzmacher, this path has always led to more engaging, challenging, and rewarding forms of writing. Here is what he had to say about his background:

“In my professional and personal lives, I have always had the unique ability to ‘see beneath the surface’ of a concept. To illustrate, when learning about a new business, it’s generally easy for me to grasp the underlying infrastructure that makes the business ‘tick.’ Looking at writing, I can then adapt these forms into my own processes. For example, early on in my writing career, I applied this critical thinking to resume writing for the cannabis industry, where I set many of the standards being used in the field today.

Look to my writing business, critical thinking is at the forefront of our work at KCG Content. This appreciation for critical thinking was developed in my college studies and extended into my personal and professional interests. These pursuits include entrepreneurship, digital marketing, creative writing, outdoor adventure, business consultancy, and more.

My experience with writing began largely in acquiring my BA Degree in the Humanities at Ft. Lewis College in Durango, CO (Graduated 2006 Summa Cum Laude / 3.87 GPA). During my time at Ft. Lewis, I developed a talent for weaving highly philosophical narratives into attractive pieces of writing. Moving forward, I adapted such critical thinking into my creative process, giving me unique perspectives in my work.

In 2012, I relocated to Grass Valley, CA to acquire an MA Degree in the Humanities from Sacramento State University. During these years, Grass Valley was a hotbed for the burgeoning medical marijuana industry – I got a crash course on the ins-and-outs of this new market. While excelling in my studies at CSUS, I paid close attention to the cannabis industry; I viewed this new business as a fascinating phenomenon, both culturally and fiscally. Even more, as an entrepreneur and writer, this emergent market presented a blank canvas ready for innovation. 

In acquiring my MA Degree in the Humanities at CSUS, my writing matured exponentially and I continued to sharpen my talents for critical thinking. Eventually, my studies culminated in a 100-page Senior Thesis that was recognized by the CSUS faculty for its contextual complexity and skillful writing. I graduated from CSUS in 2016 with a 3.80 GPA (High Honors) and was commended by my professors for my writing ability. Also, many of them recommended that I become a professional writer. 

In late 2016, I founded my first business: the highly successful cannabis industry recruiting service Mac & Fulton Talent Partners. In building M&F Talent, I learned first-hand to overcome many of the challenges of small business ownership, while also developing skills with business organization and digital marketing. To this end, this experience has proved invaluable in guiding my clients towards similar successes with their businesses. 

Currently, my writing experience has extended far beyond the cannabis industry and I work with clients across several fields. Also, I regularly create content as diverse as website copy and research papers. In my personal life, I spend a good deal of his time hiking, climbing, backpacking, and skiing. As I continue to expand my writing craft, I have begun working in the outdoor space by contributing to leading blogs and websites.

I look forward to continuing my journey as an entrepreneur, writer, and intellectual. Moreover, I will continue to blur conceptual lines and promote creativity through critical thinking and scholarly research. In like fashion, our clients at KCG Content will continue to enjoy the quality writing we produce with this unique methodology.

Personally, I feel that every challenge in life presents an opportunity for growth and advancement. Similarly, solving problems gives us the chance to follow new paths in creativity and self-promotion. For me, these paths have led deep into the forests and mountains, as well as the heights of the modern business world. I’m excited to share this journey with my clients, friends, and colleagues.”

-Kent Gruetzmacher MFA